Customer Testimonials

See how much our customers love our delicious biodegradable coffee capsules!

I just want to confirm the truly great quality and distinct taste of each coffee ...

— Hugo B., Barista

Moving Beans has given me a way to use my Nespresso machine sustainably ❤️ ...

— Amelia L, Ambassador

Well in one word, it goes super well with my healthy Peanut Butter -Chocolate-Banana Bread!

— Karen Y, Ambassador

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  • "Dear Moving Beans, I bought some of your pods recently and they produce the best coffee I’ve had in quite some time. Thank you for making them compostable. A genuinely pleased customer. 🌱," Becky V.
  • "The decaf really cuts it for me. Best decaf coffee I have had. Ever. And decompostable - great job Movingbeans!," Noa D.
  • "Love the recent additions, Indonesian and Reserve. Really premium taste.," John V.
  • "Very happy with my order. Bought in bulk and no regrets!" Rebecca L.
  • "Bought my first batch recently - really chuffed great flavour and good cream, terrific price. I'll definitely be back. Looking forward to seeing a decaf added to the collection." Gerard S.
  • "Good tasting blends with excellent crema and compostable whats not to love," Michele P.
  • "I received my first order of House Espresso and Colombian Single Origin last week and I am really impressed with them both in terms of how they work and their taste," Rich C.
  • "Pretty damn good coffee too 😁 I'm a convert.," Andy M.
  • "Just had 1st delivery & lovely coffee considering comes from a pod machine, (bit of a coffee snob I use stove top percolator at home 🙄😬), but I bought these for work’s machine & so far everyone is happy!! Will definitely buy again!! 😀," Susan G.
  • "Just placed my second order- love this idea and the coffee tastes great!," Andrea F.
  • "Very impressed with my first order and I will get some more before Monday.," Matthew B.
  • "Just received my first order and the coffee taste great - even better now I know the pods are biodegradable 😊 Will definitely be ordering more!," Andrea F.
  • "These r yummy ! Received my first order this week. Tasty & kind to the environment," Leah G.
  • "My shipment arrived at the weekend and I’m pleasantly surprised by how delicious the coffee is. [...] and I took great pleasure in tipping them into the compost afterwards," Sophia E.
  • "I’ve tried these and I’m really happy to find them. The coffee is lovely. I won’t buy any others now," Trina R.
  • "The reason I bought the Nespresso was to reduce plastic from the Tassimo system I had. Now this is even better!," Paul R.
  • "I’ve ordered them, 15 boxes and thankfully it’s nice coffee and works well in my Nespresso machine," Richard P.
  • Love the idea,” David P. 
  • I bought a pack of each. I’ve not tried the Colombian yet, but I really like the other two, particularly Kenyan,” Jonathan E. 
  • Just got ours, the taste of all three is good,” Niki M.
  • Taste amazing. Happy customer,” Row E.
  • “Definitely the best Nespresso capsules alternatives I’ve tried. Well done on a great product line,” Andee.
  • I’ve bought all 3 and the House Espresso is by far my favourite. Will be ordering again as I’d stopped using my machine due to wastage. Would love a decaf version too :),” Elspeth.
  • Took a chance and bought 5 packs to get free P&P. Not disappointed so far, coffee tastes much better than other compatibles I’ve tried. Nespresso recycling was messy (they even withdrew it once when I had a full bag), so composting these is much more convenient. Well done!," Gareth H.
  • Excellent product … just received my order. I missed the free postage on 5 packs info and only ordered 4! Must get it right next time :),” Dave R.


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