Moving Beans Story

How it all started | our core values

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Our love to coffee and science

We are Dan, Gemma and Mike, the original co-founders of Moving Beans. We are entrepreneurs, coffee-lovers but also science-lovers with years of experience in developing environmentally-friendly materials. Gemma and Mike reside in the UK; and Dan is proudly handling Hong Kong.

How it all started

Coffee pods were and still are super convenient. Sadly, the plastic and aluminium used by Nespresso is badly polluting. Being entrepreneurs by heart and skilled in material science, we went on to research novel materials. You are currently using one of our iterations, with many more to come!

Teamwork for a better good

So, who is doing what? Dan is mechanical engineer and handling the capsule design; he also manages Moving Beans Hong Kong. Gemma is a PhD in material science and helps with the material compositions; she also runs the UK. Mike is professor in all things digital and handles innovation.

Our Values

We are committed to you, as customers and community. We believe in a more sustainable life style, and want to ensure that it remains affordable to all. We also believe in high quality products. For that reason, we offer delicious coffee in compostable pods at an affordable price.