Really? Consumers Want To Stay With Single-Use Plastic?

Really? Consumers Want To Stay With Single-Use Plastic?

We were shocked! Very shocked! Coca-Cola announced in Davos a few days back that “their consumers want to keep the single-use plastic bottles”. We really cannot believe that! Coca-Cola’s argument is that the consumers “like them because they reseal and are lightweight.”

It turns out that Coca-Cola, not surprisingly, is one of the world’s largest plastic polluters. It has been argued that many bottles go uncollected and therefore end up in landfill. Landfill, is a bad place for plastic to end up in because it takes decades for the plastic to decompose.

The hope of these large players, including Nespresso, is that their consumers do recycle. And Coca-Cola pledged a while back to ensure that their plastic bottles will all be recycled by 2030. Trouble is that recycling does not work with the daily routine of most consumers.

We believe that entirely novel solutions are needed; packaging solutions which give all the product benefits yet allow consumers to become sustainable. From a materials point of view, this is not easy as materials need to be resistant to water, often transparent and of course biodegradable, if not home compostable.

At Moving Beans, we have put a lot of research into developing novel materials which we believe will disrupt the packaging market. Based on ingredients from nature, we are using compostable material in our coffee capsules.

And the coffee is great too!

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